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Worldwide Application and Experience

Landpac has been in the business of ground improvement for a considerable period of time, offering unique and alternative solutions to conventional methods of ground improvement.


Such alternatives provide opportunities for value engineering on projects through the provision of significant time and cost savings whilst improving the quality assurance of the ground improvement works.


The ability to fast track ground improvement operations and continuously monitor and verify the actual levels of ground improvement achieved, provides the user with unique competitive advantages compared to conventional ground improvement techniques.


In short, Landpac's ground improvement equipment and technologies constitute a set of tools that provide the user with value-engineered solutions, fast tracking and continuous ground improvement monitoring and certification capabilities. In addition, the use of these tools provides the user with an improved project management capability for any ground improvement project.


Landpac has established their reputation through the establishment of close alliances with specialised technology services companies, allowing us to offer an integrated design approach to every project. Such services are offered across the construction and mining sectors, ensuring that value engineered projects are sustainable and that the gains are transferred to the client.


With offices located in Fort Collins, Colorado, the technology is available to all potential projects within the country.

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