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Teaming Agreement


LANDPAC's technology benefits cannot be fully and successfully realized unless supported by a professional team. In light of needing to offer the best combination of performance, cost, and delivery of the technology services, LANDPAC have entered into a non-exclusive teaming agreement with OFTEDAL.

OFTEDAL has offered professional earth moving services to both public and private sectors since 1964. For over 50 years, the energy industry , transportation industry and private developers have relied on OFTEDAL's qualified and experienced staff, advanced technology and a moderm fleet of heavy equipment to meet their project needs. By utilizing the resources of staff, technology, and equipment, OFTEDAL is able to provide complex project management services. OFTEDAL is committed to premium performance
and service making them the ideal company to ensure that the benefits of the LANDPAC's technologies are transferred to applicable projects.



Wyoming Office &
Equipment Yard

2376 Seven Mile Road
Casper, WY 82604
Telephone: +1.307.237.4499



Business Development Manager

Mobile: +1.307.262.3420



Montana Office & Equipment Yard

434 MT 59 N
PO Box 400
Miles City, MT 59301
Telephone: +1.406.232.5911

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